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REALTIME FITNESS ONLINE has joined forces with EduCAPTION, the only place to go online for training in realtime theory, CART and captioning. We're your first step to learning realtime without taking a step out the door.

The Realtime Fitness Online Advantage
RFO prides itself in offering great instruction from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Smaller class sizes provide individualized attention over a period of time that allows students to gradually build their new skill without the pressure and cost of a four-day seminar. 

2015 Training Sessions for CART and Captioning

  • Caption Masters -  January 5th to April 30th
  • Caption Masters -  May 5th to August 27th
  • Caption Masters -  May 15-17 - Lowell, Michigan on-site Caption Masters
  • Caption Masters -  September 14th to December 31th
  • Caption Masters -  October 16-18 - Lowell, Michigan on-site Caption Masters
**Prerequisites: Must be a proficient realtime writer with thorough knowledge of CAT software.

One-on-One Training Available!
Realtime Training, now has multiple tiers of education, from beginner to advanced realtime.

Unparalleled Instruction
Caption Masters Series instructors are the best in the business.  Anissa Nierenberger is the leader with 20 years of broadcast experience.  Her combination of enthusiasm and knowledge is unparalleled.  Further, Anissa uses the resources of other skilled broadcast captioners to ensure all participants get a realistic picture of the captioning industry.

Join the RFO Community – Free!
RFO's resources are now open to the entire steno writing community - FREE!  It's just too good a resource to keep hidden.  So join us - FREE - and take advantage of what all our members have been raving about for the past year.

Community offerings include: English Tips, Dictionaries, Practice Arcade, including newscast and classroom CART practices.