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Practice Arcade Resources Membership

Practice Arcade

Whether you want to learn realtime, practice on a newscast, increase your dictionary or pass a new level of certification, practice is a proven key to success.  Members can choose the area desired and get started practicing today!  See membership level for access.

Challenge yourself!
These segments are difficult writing challenges.  They are real scenarios.  A prep list of terminology comes with each segment,  and then you are encouraged to do your best!  Give it a shot.

Dictionary Building (word lists)
Dictionary Building includes lists of words that you may or may not have in your dictionary.  Lists include religious terminology, science terms, unique words, jargon words.  Lists are updated several times a month.

Ready, set, go!  These dictations are various speeds on various topics.  Are you ready for anything?   Give it a shot.

Want to try your hand at news?  Give it a try.  Where are you weak?  Need to try the sports segment or the weather?  You can repeat segments as often as you want.  Newscasts are added frequently.

Classroom CART has become a popular service.  These classes are real.  You can experience remote educational CART.

The need for CART services for ministries is a growing need. Shut-in ministries have become more important for those who are not able to attended services due to illness or those individuals who are deaf and/or hearing impaired. These sermons are real sermons and given at random, untimed speeds.