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Realtime Training

Realtime training that is developed for you at YOUR level.  RealtimeFitnessOnline (RFO) staff found that "one size does not fit all" when it comes to realtime training.  For this reason, a multi-level approach has been developed.  Each level consists of 4 weeks of training.  The overall goal of each level is to prepare you for the next level.  While much is dependent on you and your practicing, RFO staff are committed to getting you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Basic Realtime Training

Below 80% TER on initial file submitted under direction of RFO staff. There will be a focus on theory, conflict resolution, prefixes & suffixes, and writing exercises. The first session will include a complete review of the file via GoToMeeting. There will be three more sessions over four weeks to help solidify the objectives established in the first meeting. You will also receive an RFO version of Dictionary Jumpstart to give your dictionary a boost!

Intermediate Realtime Training

81% to 90% TER on the initial file submitted. This level will focus on all that is in the basic level with a heavy emphasis on writing exercises. As with the beginning level, the goal is get your TER up to the next level.

Advanced Realtime Training

91% and higher TER on this the initial file submitted places you at this level. You are almost there. While there will be a review of all the basics, a heavy emphasis will be placed on mastering the writing exercises. Our goal is a 98.5% realtime TER!

Cost: $450 for the 4-week course

You will be required to successfully meet the TER criteria to advance to the next level.  Some students may need to take a particular level of training more than one time.. 

Continuing Education Units: 0.4 CEUs

The Fundamentals of Realtime course is eligible for 0.4 CEU credits from the NCRA. 

RFO instructor, Anissa Nierenberger will provide one-on-one training and mentoring for writers needing this form of training support.  Hours are flexible and will be scheduled at everyone's convenience.  For additional information, please write to CM@educaption.net.

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